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Top Reasons to list with us from Weichert Listing Presentation

1)     Why we joined Weichert and what it means for you..

a.     Similar to us Weichert is a company led by Father and Son who started from a single office in NJ now has 500+ offices in 43 States:


                                                              i.      As a family run business Weichert and Langer Homes both focus on a great client experience and treat our clients like family which means working to achieve the best results for you.


                                                            ii.      Their 50 years of experience and our 45 years of experience of success: Weichert provides knowledge and support by keeping us up to date with changes in the industry and local market- usually before anyone else even notices a shift in the trends. What it means for you…With our experience we know what works best when it comes to listing, marketing, and selling homes in your market and know quicker than anyone else when things change and when new things come into play


                                                         iii.      Provide us and our agents key training and marketing materials for training to provide you the best possible service. What it means for you…Throughout this presentation you will see everything Weichert and us provide and all the benefits for you to achieve the best results and sell your property for the highest price.


2)     Competitive advantage above the rest

                                                              i.      Implement our 20 step marketing plan

                                                            ii.      We know for a fact our marketing exceeds our competition’s

                                                         iii.      We highlight the most important aspects when it comes to marketing

b.     Irresistible listing

                                                              i.      We focus on the key attributes of your property that we went over together. Features you fell in love with also have other buyers fall in love with it.  

                                                            ii.      Our pictures are taken with a wide-angle camera that makes each room look larger. Perfect to get more buyers in the door.

                                                         iii.      Create a unique description that will attract buyers to ask questions and make appointments to view your property

                                                          iv.      Create a unique 3D tour. This tour will make your home stand out over others.


c.      Internet marketing:

                                                              i.      We expose your home in every possible direction and list it on all the important Real Estate Websites: 50+ websites. Including where 39 million buyers visited last year alone.


d.     Ultimate Open House Program: The most extensive program to drive as many people to view your property. Since joining Weichert; we have had great success with implementing this program.

                                                              i.      Why 8-10 open house signs

                                                            ii.      Why inviting neighbors

e.     Exclusive Pricing tool:

                                                              i.      Price trend analysis using the market trends and where the market is heading using a key market statistic known as market absorption rate 

f.       Local Marketing:

                                                              i.      Why Yellow

                                                            ii.      Painting the town yellow



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